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Jane - April Lindner well, this book has got all the elements hardcore twilight fans love: creepy romance, terrible dialouge, shallow characters! yup, all key ingredients! Jane, however, does have one element that mormon vampires stay far away from: dirty, evil, PREMARITAL sex! (OMG!) This addition, I admit, does stay a bit from the original Eyre but I still liked it. I'm tried of YA books dancing, rather awkwardly, around the whole sex issue, so I applaud the author's refusal to pussyfoot (pun intended) around the existence of sex. Overall, Jane Eyre is not a story that translates very well to the modern era. The age and power difference between Nico and Jane is just creepy and weird. Also a modern Jane is almost impossible to relate to. But on the bright side, I am now itching to re-read Jane Eyre!