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Divinity of Doubt: The God Question - Vincent Bugliosi first things first, i had to totally skip the chapter on evolution. i got about five pages in and it was just filled with so much ignorance and general jackassery that i couldn't stand it. i did find the rest of the book enjoyable but i kept these things in mind:firstly, Bugliosi clearly loves the sound of his own voice. some of this book kinda reads like him jacking himself off. if people like that annoy the hell outta you, stay clear!and secondly, he is a lawyer and it shows. he puts a spin on lots of "facts" to strengthen his point and make other people look extra dumb. i wouldn't quote anything he said without doing my own fact checking first. those things aside, he does raise some interesting questions and produced a pretty amusing book. more than anything, it was nice to read something from an agnostic perspective.